Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 1 and 2

here's a few pictures from the first 2 days of Martin's life. Actually, he hasn't even been alive for 24 hours yet, but he was born at 7pm on Friday March 12, weighing 2lbs15oz and 16inches. He was 29 weeks gestation.

Getting to touch him for the first time, on his second day. He's under the bili lights, and is on a cpap tube, instead of more incubated like he was the first day.

More of day two, me enjoying just being able to touch his little body. We even got to hear him cry. That was difficult, since we're unable to comfort him like we want to, and we don't know if it was our touch that was bothering him.

Day two, touching his hands. We're unable to caress his skin, because it's painful to him, he's too sensitive. We can just lay our hands on him.

Day two. You can see the cpap tube coming out of his nose, and his little sun shades to block out the bili light they have on him.

Day two, showing off the awesome spotlight he's under. He's a star!

Day Two. You can see how small he is with the comparison of my two hands, and the nurses hand on his head. I think his foot is about an inch and 1/2.

Day One. This was just a few hours after birth I think. You can see how he's more fully intubated (I think that's what it's called) with the oxygen tube down his throat. he's also a little sedated.

Day one. The first time I saw him. I actually couldn't see his head very well from my wheel-chair, so daddy took these pictures of his little boy, so I could look at them.

Day One. he's got a little bit of dark hair, about the same amount as Katryn had when she was born.

Day one. This was more of the view I saw from my wheelchair. He's got the oxygen tube down his throat, and a feeding line as well. Blood pressure cuff on his arm and foot. A few tubes in his belly button that they draw blood from and do other various tests, since those are the largest blood vessels he's got right now, the ones from the umbilical cord. he's also got an IV in his hand that they're using to keep him hydrated, since they haven't started feeding him yet.


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