Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 11 & 12 (march 22 & 23)

These two days have been the hardest days so far. On day 11, they informed us that Martin isn't gaining weight fast enough. I don't know how much he lost, but they decided they needed to supplement his milk with some sort of human milk fortifier, that helps increase the calories he's getting, so he can start bulking up! He's also spitting up a lot after feeding, that they increased his feeding time to 45 minutes, in hopes the slower intake will help decrease the spitting up.

We were hardly able to be there day 11, Matt had to get to work, and we didn't get out of the house fast enough. We didn't even get to hold Martin, we just got to put our hands through the isolette and touch him.

He had a head ultrasound in the morning as well, but they didn't have the results of that when we were there. They do the ultrasounds to make sure there's no bleeding on the brain, and everything looks ok.

The nurses always comment how he always has his mouth open when he's sleeping. We just laugh to ourselves because I sleep like that too.

Here he is all curled up, cuddling with his pacifier. I'm always shocked when they put it in his mouth. It's so big, I'm surprised he doesn't gag on it!!

Day 12--This is the sign above Martin's bed, they were finally able to get his hands and footprints. They're so tiny! But his feet are actually rather long I noticed.

This is just a picture of me 'holding' martin. Sometimes that's the only holding we get.

But this is my favorite type of holding. I can't get enough of this right now. But it makes it harder and harder to leave every day.

Day 12 was really hard for me. I fell apart before we even walked out of the room. It's just so overwhelming having our baby in the NICU. We were prepared for it, moreso than I think most parents are. We knew Martin would be early, and that he would spend time in NICU. We had researched about preemies and what problems they could potentially face. But it's still difficult being in the situation, and dealing with the day to day things. While we were there, another baby starting crying. She's mature enough that she's in an open-air crib, and the let her swing in a little port-a-swing. The poor girl was having a complete meltdown and no one was responding. It just broke my heart. I know Martin is getting the best medical care, but I can't think about him being ignored when he needs some comfort like that little girl did. This is why it's so hard to leave him every day. This is why I cry on the way home. The thought of my little Martin not getting the comfort he needs. Granted he's not quite at that point yet. He just sleeps all day and works on growing. It's still hard though, and we've got a long road ahead of us still.

We got the results of his head ultrasound back. They said everything looks good, but there might be a small cyst. They said that the brain often just closes over it, and it cause no damage, but they're going to do another ultrasound in about 2 weeks just to check on it.

They also found some blood in the diaper in the morning, and so held off a feeding and drew some blood and ran a lot of tests. They also did an xray on his tummy to see if there was something wrong. They didn't find anything with any of the tests. They thought it could be because he's pooping ALL THE TIME, but they dropped the milk supplement in case that was the case.

Monday night he weighed in at 2lbs12oz, and they were glad with that because he's gaining. But it's happening so slowly that they're concerned. Part of me wants to know how much he dropped, but another part of me does not want to know at all!



Hang it there, we are still praying for Martin and continue to send good wishes his way during this time.


I know these are tough times for you and I'm keeping you in my thoughts, sending you best wishes.
If you would like to connect with other parents of preemies who have or are going through what you are experiencing with Martin, try visiting the March of Dimes community called Share Your Story: It's very supportive.

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