Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 3

This was a huge day for all of us!! We drove up to see Martin (and drop off what little milk I'm producing right now) and got there just in time for the excitement. First they fed him his first taste of mamma's milk.

I got to put on hands on him for just a few minutes, while the milk was finishing up, before they announced that he was doing so well, we was getting moved out of room 1!! Room 1 is the super high risk room, where babies fresh out of the womb come, and babies who need lots of monitoring and attention. Martin is doing so great, that they decided he can move to the next level!

He's breathing on his own, but needs to keep the cpap attached to help keep his lungs inflated as they still need a lot of growing. I was able to get a full dose of the steroids when I was first admitted to the hospital, but that only lasts two weeks. I got the 1st of 2 shots before he was born, which is still beneficial for him.

He was a little cranky as they moved him down the hall to the next room, which is heart-breaking for a mother to hear. His little meows are so sad. I think he was just upset with all the jostling and shaking of the isolete.

While they were hooking all the tubes back up in his new area, I tried to comfort him with my hands, and calm him down a little bit. It wasn't really working. I expected the nurse to give him a little bit of sedative like they often do, since if he gets too riled up, his heart-rate goes to high.

But then she turned and said "I know what he needs"

and she pulled him out and placed him on my chest!!! It was amazing to hold this little boy, he is just so tiny I was afraid to move for fear of hurting him. They wrapped us up with the blankets they keep in a little heated container and let me hold him for a little bit.

Dad even got a chance to hold him. He looks even tiny laying there.

The nurses were so kind, they took a picture of us together.

Unfortunately, and a little disappointing on my part, we didn't really help calm him down. For a minute, when his head was right up near my heart he calmed down, but I think he was just overstimulated by it all.

They put him back in the isolete, and taught us another way to comfort him. We turned him just slightly on his side, propped up by towels and such, curled his legs up and put 1 hand on his head, and the other on his legs, putting some pressure on his feet. We also put a little pressure on his head, just to mimic the pressure he felt in the womb, and the position he was in there.

It was amazing to see how quickly that worked!! He calmed down very fast, and was asleep in no time.



I am so glad to hear that he is doing so well! What an amazing baby you have. Good luck!


I'm so glad that you got to hold him -- that's wonderful!


This incident for all of you has reminded me a little of when my brother Josh passed away, and his little girl being born a few mothes later. I'm so glad to hear that you were able to hold him and get the comfort every parent dies be able to hold their children. You may not be able to comfort him the way you feel like you need to but, you still can their are ways, God hears and answers prayers as i'm sure you know. Gods speed with love.


Oh Krystal! Your little family photo made my eyes tear up. We are praying for you and your son - may he continue to get stronger every day :)


What a wonderful gift to be able to hold your baby! I'm with Calista--you're in our prayers, too!

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