Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 4 and 5 (march 15-16)

Day four was another big day for Martin. Well, everyday seems like a big day when there's so much happening. They moved him AGAIN! It's actually a good thing when they move him. He's still in a similar area, but in a place where instead of the nurses taking care of 2 babies at a time, he's in a place where the nurse takes care of 3 babies at a time. That means he's in good enough condition that he doesn't need heavy monitoring.

Here he is getting a nice tan from the bili lights. They check his levels everyday, and depending on where they are, they put him under the lights for a while.

here I am changing his diaper--he's a rather sensitive child, doesn't like being moved at all. But then, his skin is probably still really sensitive, and being touched probably drives him crazy. Poor kid.

Here they are moving him to his new area. You can see how big the isolette is. It's massive. But it does so much! it monitors his temp, and adjusts accordingly to either cool him down or heat him up. and, um, a lot of other things that I can't think of.

Here he is with his little sunglasses! This things are TINY, but huge on him. probably 5 inches long, and less than an inch tall.

Here's day 5. We don't have a lot of pictures from this day, because Martin was just so content lying there. They upped his feeding from 6 ML to 12 ML! That's a lot, a whole syringe. They feed him every 3 hours. Martin didn't have to have any lights on him, which was great.

He looked bigger to me, but perhaps I'm just getting used to his size. or perhaps it's because he kept stretching out his legs.

They also took out the lines in his belly button, which is nice. I'm sure it's hard enough when your diapers are too big, and they rub against the sore belly, AND having some lines to draw blood cannot be an easy thing for a tiny kid! They have been giving him light sedatives to help keep him calm, because he's probably in pain, and if he gets too riled up his oxygen levels get too high, or too low and that's never good.


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