Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 8 (march 19)

It's this right here that makes it so hard to leave everyday. Every time I get to hold Martin, I have to drag myself out the door, and become a bit of an emotional wreck. Moreso everytime. It's getting harder and harder with each passing day.

They upped his feedings again, which is great. Although Martin spit up on both of us. I guess that's his way of saying "thanks for leaving me in this place!" They use an IV machine, so they can decide how long to feed him for. they set it for about 30 minutes I think, and it pumps the milk in slowly.

They moved him to a new bed as well. It's pretty much the exact same thing he was in before, but for 'older' babies. The isolette he was in is for the new babies. His billi-levels were up again today, so he was under the lights for a while, but it's normal for them to go back and forth for the first few weeks. They check them every morning.

We also caught him sucking his thumb. Yup, that's my kid for sure!!



You don't realize just how tiny he is in the pictures when it is just him...then you see the picture of you holding him, or you mentioning the size of the "sunglasses." Those are the pictures that will really show how much he is growing, and how far he has come. Hope things continue to go good for the whole family!

Katie and Levi

This is so adorable!

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