Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 9&10 (march 20&21)

We're so lucky that almost every time we go to see Martin, we get to hold him. I didn't expect to be able to hold him for the first few weeks. They actually told us not to expect to hold him for a long time. so I'm so grateful that we get to hold Martin when we're there.

Here's day 9--Matt and Martin just having a snuggle.

I love that he just looks like a normal newborn in the picture. You can't see the tubes or wires attached to him.

They upped his feedings on day 9, from 17ML to 24ML, and it takes about 1/2 hour for a feeding. They hook it up to the IV machine, so they can regulate how fast it goes in. I got to hold him for the entire feeding, which is so nice.

They've been taking blood everyday, so we've yet to be able to get hand or footprints, but hopefully soon! His billi levels were also low enough that they didn't have to put him under the lights, which is great.

Day 10--Martin is holding Matt's pinky finger. That's how tiny his hands are. It's amazing to me.

day 10--a little snuggle time with mamma. Everytime we get to hold him, they can turn down the flow of oxygen coming in his nasal canula. He's on low flow room air oxygen, usually between 20-30% (yeah, I'm not quite sure what that means either) but when we hold him, his oxygen gets too high, because he's so content being with mom and dad. It's awesome! That's how I know that us holding him is beneficial, even when some nurses don't think so.

I know this is a blurry picture, but look at that smile!! He kept smiling, and it was awesome. Makes a mamma happy!

Day 10 was very similar to day 9. We held Martin while he ate, and just enjoyed being there. Because it was sunday, we were able to attend the church services at the Hospital, which was nice, since I hadn't been for the past few weeks, and when I did go, I was in a wheelchair. It was nice to be able to walk in.



Normal 'air' isn't anywhere near pure oxygen. It constitutes just under 21% O2, with Nitrogen being the most prevalent gas at 78%. So, to have him down to 20-30% O2 means that he is almost ready for a 'normal' environment.


He's beautiful. Look at those precious little eyes poking out of the blanket and those teeny tiny fingers. I wouldn't want to leave either.

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