Monday, March 22, 2010

Days 6 and 7 (march 17-18)

Martin was looking really good when we saw him today. The feeding tube was moved from his mouth to his nose, and so his face looks a lot better, since it just looks like he has the nasal-canula; the feeding tube hides behind it.

They moved his IV once again, from his foot to his hand. He's only needing the extra fluids for a little while longer. As his feeding amount goes up, his need for fluids goes down. I'm glad, because I know how painful getting IVs can get, and he's just so tiny!

He's on the lowest level of oxygen, which is awesome. He's on room-air, but they keep the canual just to monitor is oxygen amount, and that way if he does silly things like hold his breath, they can up the oxygen a little bit to help him out.

(day7) This is his 'ring of confinement'. It's a little U-shaped foam thing, that they surround him with. It helps simulate the womb, and they can put him in positions that he's used to being in. This helps him be more comfortable, and feel more secure.

They increased his feeding amount again, to 17ML, which is high enough that they took his IV out! His poor little hand is all bruised up, but it's so nice to see him with hardly anything intrusive. Just the feeding tube and the nasal-canula. Everything else is stuck to his skin, or wrapped around his little foot as needed.

He let out a pretty good cry today too!! Surprised me to hear something so loud from something so tiny! Katryn didn't cry for like the first month, she was just such a mellow baby. Although, she didn't have anything to cry about. I can understand Martin crying. It's also reassuring to hear him cry, as heart-breaking as it is since I'm pretty much helpless to him. But it's a great sign of his lungs working good.


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