Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 15 & 16 (march 26 & 27)

We hit the 2week mark on the 26th. It doesn't seem like it's been that long, but it feels like it's been forever already. Natalie was able to come see Martin, which was nice because we didn't have anyone to watch Katryn, so she was able to watch her while we both went in.

They had Martin on his belly, and I wish i would have taken pictures, because he was pushing up with his feet and actually lifting himself up a little bit! It was impressive seeing how strong he is.

The nurse annoyed me, she didn't want to let me hold him! She said it stresses babies out and then they don't gain weight, so they only let them out once a shift. I replied with, "We're only here once a day for about an hour, so it should be fine."

It really bothered me. I can understand if I spent all day there, like some of the other parents, but I'm not able to. I'm only able to be there once a day, for a small amount of time. She reluctantly took Martin out and Matt and I were able to take turns holding him.

I think it's very important that Martin spends some contact time with us, and I know right now, since he's in an isolette, he can't be out very much. But the little time we're there, I want to be holding him. It's important to me.

here he is enjoying time with Dad. :)

Day 16--this was an awesome day. I ended up going up late, and matt was working. They shut down the unit for shift change 6:45-7:45am&pm, so I was up there after 8pm.

The nurse working was wonderful. I've been a little hesitant about kangaroo-care (aka: skin-to-skin) because I'm not in a private room, and the curtains just aren't quite enough for me to feel completely comfortable.

The nurse however was so great, and convinced me to do it. I think I sat there for about 2 hours. It was so nice, he slept the whole time, and stayed asleep when we had to put him back. Martin's O2 level was also higher, which meant he was breathing very well on his own, so they could turn down the O2 they're giving him through the cannula.

Needless to say, I'm very glad I did it, especially after seeing how well Martin was doing.



We had some really annoying nurses too. It bothered me that a lot of them would tell me what to do with my own kid! I know to a certain extent they had to for certain things, but for some things they don't! We had this one nurse that would not let me touch Emmaleah or hold her unless it was convenient for the nurse at that time. Also, this same nurse wouldn't let me feed her until she was screaming at the top of her lungs! And for Emmaleah she has to be on the verge of starving for that to happen. It bothered me soooo bad! I hated walking down the hall from the room I was in (I stayed in the parent's lounge in a room while she was on "on demand feedings" for the last two days she was there)and just hearing her scream and scream. It was horrible. I hated it! And then some nurses were ABSOLUTELY amazing! That is awesome that you got to request your nurse. I hope you have that nurse from now on whenever she/he is working. I know from experience that the nurses you have make a world of difference!


I am glad he is doing better. I would have been extremely upset at a nurse telling me I couldn't hold my own child!! Good for you for standing up to her. Sometimes nurses forget that these babies are actually people not just charts!!!

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