Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 17 & 18 (March 28 & 29)

Day 17--it was another late day at the hospital for us. They moved Martin to another room. We really like it, it's an actual ROOM. The other 'rooms' aren't quite rooms. I'm not sure how to describe them. Giant hallways that can be sectioned off in a huge room? Something like that.

We were there just in time to do cares--take temp, diaper change, and feeding. The nurse actually took all of Martin's measurements!

so as of March 28th:
Head circ: 10 1/2"
Lenght: 16.5"
Weight: 2lbs13.9oz

He's almost back to his birth weight! It's so nice that he's gaining weight now. The doctors were worried for a while, and added calorie supplements so he would gain weight faster.

This is me just trying to calm him down. He doesn't like being bothered, so when we put him back in his bed and he has to get all adjusted. He gets a little cranky, so we have to help calm him down.

DAY 18--When I'm the only one there, the pictures are few because I'm more concerned about just holding Martin. And the pictures are also of him in the isolette, because that's all I can take! :) So yes, here are pictures of the back of Martin's head because he was facing the wall. It's good for him to face the wall because then he doesn't have to see any lights.

The nurse that was working was AMAZING. We have requested her as one of our primary care nurses. She taught me how to take Martin out of his bed. Sometimes watching the nurses take him out, I'm just waiting for them to smack one of his limbs on the bed since the opening is so small, and Martin's usually flailing a little bit. What she does is wrap him up with the blanket he's already laying on instead of taking him out and them wrapping him up. Duh!! Why don't others do that??

These are the preemie size diapers he wears. They go up to 5lbs they say, and they almost go up to his armpits. Yeah, they're a little big. Makes me a little worried for the cloth diapers when he comes home. He's not going to fit into the x-small diapers I have for him!!

I learned why they're giving him caffeine and what it does for him. It helps stimulate them, so they remember to keep breathing. Preemies have that problem where their brain isn't developed enough to remember to breath all the time. Martin actually does really well, he recovers from the decells in breathing on his own fairly quickly, which is great.



Sweet photos. Yup, that diaper does look pretty big, but if he is gaining weight now (yay!) he ought to be filling them out before you know it. Your nurse sounds wonderful. A caring and sharing nurse can make all the difference for parents visiting the NICU. I love reading your good news.

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