Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 19 & 20 (March 30 & 31)

Day 19--The nurse told us today, that during the night Martin had a high temp, and was working too hard to breathe--using the wrong muscles so it's more effort. The nurse practitioner ran some tests and everything came back normal, so they just watched him closely during the night and his temp eventually came back to normal.

matt was adjusting Martin, to be more comfortable and the blanket fell over his face. He was actually holding onto the edge of the blanket, and it looked like he was playing peek-a-boo with use. I loved it.

And I just love picture of Matt holding Martin. It's just precious to see a day with such a fragile little baby.

He's continuing to gain weight--so close to being back to his birth weight!! He's just under 2lbs 15oz.

The nurses always tell us that Martin is a mouth breather. He always has his mouth open when he's sleeping (and thus has poorly chapped lips!). It's like he's saying "I don't need this extra oxygen, I'll just breathe through my mouth!" but then he get some decels, showing that he obviously still needs that extra oxygen.

DAY 20--The weather was absolutely horrible today. huge snow storm. I went up to see Martin in the evening, so I could be there for the parent-to-parent group. It's a support group through March of Dimes and we meet a few times during the month and having little activities. The lady at the hospital who is in charge, also put together our bedrest lunches once a week to get us out of our rooms. She was on bedrest with all her kids, and I think all her kids were born premature as well. So she really understand what we're going through on BOTH ends of the spectrum.

This week was the survivor beads. I'll post a picture and explanation eventually. Basically you get a bead for certain things your baby does or has done to them. For example, a bead for each day/time they're on the vent. A bead for each visitor. A bead for each pound they weigh. A bead for a bath, a bead for surgery. and so on and so on. My bedrest survivor beads were what kept me going for the 5 weeks I was in the hospital. I looked forward to them everyday.

Martin was doing good today, I just held him for his feeding and then when they kicked me out at 6:45 for the shift change I went to the parent-to-parent group. I am so content just holding him and rocking. It's reassuring as a parent to feel like I'm actually taking care of my baby, even if it's just holding him for an hour every day. Eventually he'll be home, and I might just wish I had a nurse there to watch him most of the time again. But right now, I wish I was the one taking care of him all the time.


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