Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 21 & 22 (April 1 & 2)

DAY 21--Today felt very overwhelming, and it feels like a lot happened. When I got there the nurse informed me that the ran some tests on Martin and he has low iron and low sodium-chlor-something. So he's now getting a supplement for each of those, as well as the caffeine medication to help his breathing.

He's also not gaining weight fast enough (about 3 weeks old and just barely back to his birth weight) so they added more calorie supplement to his feedings.

I was there at his care time, so I was able to hold him while he ate, and do the cares. it seems like his accellerations, and decellerations occurred more today than when I'm normally there, but the nurse didn't seem concerned. His heart-rate also got a little high while I was holding him.

DAY 22--Martin is 3 weeks old today!! I was expecting to be on bedrest still, I'd be 32 weeks pregnant. We went up super early today (hence the pj's I'm still wearing) and were there in time for his 9am feeding. The nurse let us take him out!! I took my time, but I got him out ok and without him fussing. I felt very proud of myself.

We were also there for rounds, and got to hear what the doctors had to say, which was nothing different from what we'd been told by the nurses. But Martin now weighs just over 3lbs!! WOOHOO!!! Slowly, we're getting there. He's just barely over 3lbs, but he's over it!!

The doctor explained the extra calorie supplement to us this way, which I liked: "it will help him gain weight, because the faster he gains weight, the sooner he comes home" I can handle that!



So I am catching up. I have a bunch more to read but I just want to say that I think you are both amazing parents. I do not know what else to say. You are inspiring!

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