Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 23 & 24 (April 3-4)

DAY 23--
Martin gained about an ounce since yesterday. If he keeps gaining like that, he'll be home in no time!!

Besides that, nothing else has changed; he's still getting the same medications, and eating 25ML every feeding.

My mom came with me, so she was able to take some pictures of us. I just sat there and held Martin the entire time. It's wonderful to be able to do that, I've grateful that I can at least hold him for a little bit!

DAY 24--
Happy Easter!! They have a bulletin board out front of the NICU of most of the kids in the NICU with bunny ears for easter. I love it, because there are no tubes or anything on his face. They dressed him up in real clothes (the first time he's been in something besides just a diaper!!) and they took a bunch of pictures of him, and gave them to us.

He looks a LOT like Matt.

It was a busy day. We went up in the late morning, around 11am, and got there about noon. When we got there, Martin was in a different isolette, and we learned he had some breathing troubles during the night and they had to increase his O2 from1 liter to FOUR. That's a lot!! and he's also on high flow now, instead of the low flow. They also took an xray of his lungs and they looked hazy. Not quite sure what that means. But he now has a large tube from his cannula to the O2 machine. It seems like just a week or so ago, they were talking about weaning him off the cannula completely.

Everytime something happens that sets us back it just completely shakes me up. I end up feeling overwhelmed by it all. I think it's because there is nothing I can do to help him. I just end up sitting there unable to do anything about anything.

Matt's parents came up to see Martin today as well, so we spent quite a bit of time there today. The two of us with martin, than a lunch break, then Matt with each of his parents (since only 2 visitors are allowed at a time, and 1 of them has to be us) and then us again.



I love the bunny ear picture - so cute.

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