Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 25 & 26 (April 5-6)

DAY 25--
I was able to talk to the Neonatologist Nurse Practitioner today, and she explained things a lot better to me about Martin's lungs and the xray. I asked her what they meant by the lungs being 'hazy' and she said they don't know (????) and the only way for them to figure out exactly what could be causing it is to stick a tube down into his lungs and take a sample.

Yeah, that sounds like a wonderful thing to do. She said they don't want to do that. Amber came up with me today, and all she could keep saying was "he's so small!!" "he's so cute!" over and over again. Although, they are both true statements.

I hate not being able to hold him, it makes me feel worthless. It's hard enough just holding him for an hour or so a day, but to just sit there with a hand on his head is difficult.

DAY 26--
Matt and I were both able to go up and see Martin today, and we were able to hold him! Sometimes I think it depends on the nurse, and how much work they want to do. This nurse was very helpful, and we asked her to be one of martin's primary care nurses. Now, when she works, she'll work with him, which is great. She'll get to know him really well.

He seems to be doing really well today, which is great. One of the Occupational Therapists that works in the NICU came up to me and said that Martin is the cutest baby on the easter bulletin. She said when she saw him picture on there, she had to come figure out which baby was Martin.


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