Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 27 & 28 (April 7-8)

DAY 27--
I went up late today, so I could attend the parent-to-parent group. It was canceled of course. I just have that luck. I did however, run into a lady who made blankets for the moms on bedrest, and the babies in the NICU. She had a baby in the NICU, who passed away soon after she was born, and she was also on bedrest. She does this just to cheer the moms up, and trust me, it worked! So it was nice to see her.

I was there in time for his cares, and was able to do that, and hold him for a little while. Not too long, because of the shift-change. Martin was so good while I was holding him. He seems to just be a good baby. However, Becky, the Parent-to-Parent Rep, told me that she went and checked on Martin this morning, and he was not a happy camper. He wanted to be fed, and he wanted it NOW. He made sure everyone was aware of that too.

He also had a MAJOR growth spurt!! I asked the nurse how much he weighed and she told me 1650grams--the equivalent of 3lbs 10oz!!

That's about 10 oz in a WEEK. And they thought he wasn't growing fast enough. . . .Amber now calls him "little chubber".

DAY 28--
I plan my trips around when Martin has his cares done, every 3 hours, because then I can take care of things, and the nurses are much more willing to let me hold him. The nurse informed me that they dropped him feeding from 27ml to 25ml, because he's gaining so fast now. He gained another ounce since yesterday. WOW.

He did really well while I was holding him. He was rooting around while he was eating so I gave him his paci, which he sucked on for a minute before falling asleep. It was great to see him rooting around, hopefully in another week or two, I can try breast feeding him!!

Because he was doing so well while I was holding him, the nurse told me that I could hold him as long as I wanted. I would have stayed all night if I could have!!


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