Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 39-42 (April 19-22)

DAY 39--

Because of Martin being on the high flow, he has a bigger oxygen line going to the cannula. There gets to be a lot of condensation in the tube and water builds up. When I pulled Martin out of his crib, AND when I put him back, he ended up getting water up his nose. Then the nurse has to come suction his nose out. Poor kid.

DAY 40

I made this hat for Martin while I was on bedrest. I learned how to use double pointed knitting needles. It turned out really great I think! He kind of looks like a little military kid.

We talked to the NNP today (the neonatologist nurse practitioner) and she told us that they're going to start a more aggressive round of steroids on Martin to help his lungs out. It's called dex-a-something. Dexamethazine or something? I can't remember. Anyway, they're hoping this will help clear up his lungs and get him off the high flow and able to come home soon.

DAY 41

Martin is down to 3 1/2 L O2 today, and he's breathing really well!! It's so great to see some improvement, it helps make the NICU experience seem like there might be an end in sight!

One of the Occupational Therapists came and talked with me. They help with learning to breast-feed, teaching your baby different things to help show them good touch, and not everytime someone touches their foot that they're going to get poked. She told me that we can start 'practice' breastfeeding on Friday when they change out his feeding tube!! I couldn't be more thrilled about that. The sooner he learns that, the sooner he comes home. He can come home with oxygen, lots of preemies do, but I don't want to deal with changing a feeding tube! It's not a real feeding, since they have me pump before.

The OT also talked about how great skin-to-skin is in preparing for breastfeeding, so we'll be doing a lot of that over the next few days.

And that cute hat I knitted him? Yeah, it's gone. :( We put a label on it, so it wouldn't disappear and it still did!! I'm so sad about that. . . .

DAY 42

I'm starting to spend more time at the hospital with Martin. He has his 'cares' every 3 hours, where they change him, check his temp, and feed him. I now stay there for 2 sets of cares, and pump twice while I'm there. It's great for him to have fresh milk, instead of frozen heated up for him. He gets more nutrition from the fresh.

We spent a lot of time skin-to-skin. He was a little cranky, but he's always been a sensitive baby when he's being bothered. I think it has something to do with all the negative touch that happens in the NICU.

I love seeing him with clothes on! His O2 is also doing better, it seems like the steriods are having a positive affect on him! He's doing to 3L and breathing great.

On a bad note, we got a phone call at 11:30pm from the NNP on duty. She told us that Martin's tummy is bloated and hard (they measure it every set of cares) and he seems to be in pain when they push on it. So they're holding back his feedings right now and taking an xray to see if there's something going on.



I can't believe that the hat you made disappeared! That's so sad!

I'm glad to hear that he's doing better oxygen-wise, and I hope that they figure out and fix what's wrong with his tummy very quickly.


He is looking so big in that crib! I am sorry about your hat as well - you know we love the military look in our house! :) I also hope they resolve his tummy problem quickly!

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