Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 45-50 (April 25-30)

DAY 45--

This is one of the things I had nightmares about. Showing up at the hospital and seeing an IV in my baby's head. I started crying right then. It's so hard to see all their little bodies are put through in the NICU. All the suffering they have to go through.

Some people would say "At least they're young enough they won't remember it". But I'll remember it, and that's hard.

My brother-in-law came up to the hospital and helped Matt in giving Martin a blessing. If nothing else, it helped me feel better.

DAY 46--

They change the IV spot every single day. It's still in Martin's head, just in a different spot now. He had it in his feet and hands too.

They started him on a 7 day NPO--that's latin for nothing by mouth. Only problem is he's been NPO since last thursday. That was FOUR days ago. And they're counting today as day TWO. That's an extra three days of NPO.

His oxgyen needs are going down though. He's on 2 1/2 liters high flow. So the round of steroids they have been giving him seem to be working.

DAY 47--

Martin is still pretty miserable. He probably thinks he's being starved. Getting fluid to keep you hydrated, and getting fed are 2 completely different things. I hate this. It's not fair to keep food from a newborn. They still have no idea what's causing the GI distress though. They're just pumping him full of antibiotics.

They tried putting a picc line in his arm today, but his veins are too tiny that they couldn't get it in. They are going to try again, because it'll be so much better to have a picc instead of a new IV line everyday. The picc line can stay in practically forever. His poor arm is so bruised up now though.

The nurse working with him today though, commented on how long his eyelashes were. I told her that she should see Martin's big sister! That girl has eyelashes that go on forever.

Martin's oxygen needs are still dropping which is wonderful news. He's down to 2L now.

DAY 48--

Today is Matt's 26th birthday. He came up to the hospital with me which was very nice. It's hard being the only one sometimes.

Martin seems to be doing a little bit better. Hopefully we're almost past this. The doctor said that the xray of his GI tract looked a LOT better than the day before. So that's good news. Hopefully he can get off the stupid NPO sooner.

He's also down to 1 1/2 L O2!! He's getting there! Maybe I don't have to worry about bringing him home on oxygen.

They also got the picc line in, which is great. They didn't get it in his arm, they ended up going up by his shoulder/collarbone area. But this will help while he gets the rest of the antibiotics.

DAY 49--

I hated the nurse we had today. We went up in the evening, after the shift change. The nurse told me I couldn't hold Martin. I was shocked. She said since he's not feeling well, he needed to just lay there. Yeah, because when you don't feel good snuggle/comfort time with mom won't help. Boo on her!

She said I could lift him up while she changed the sheets. So then I just held him and wouldn't put him back down. He was doing better in my arms anyway. His O2 levels were higher, which is good, and he was very content. He's on 1L O2 and doing pretty good on that.

The nurse also was too busy taking pictures of the twins across the room from Martin. She didn't even see us leave she was so wrapped up in those two kids. It drives me crazy sometimes, that some nurses play obviously favorites.

DAY 50--

I love this little blue hat on Martin. It's such a great color for him. I'm so glad I made a bunch of diapers out of this fabric! He seems a little bit better today. Perhaps he's just resigned himself to the fact that he'll never get food again. :(

He's weighing in at 4lbs 13oz. Yeah, he's GAINING weight, even though he's not being fed. It's all that extra fat they're putting into the IV line.



I agree that seeing an IV in your baby's head is probably hands down the hardest thing, it is comparable to the ventilator! It is so hard to see. I hated it! I hope he makes his turn around soon so you can stop riding the roller coaster!

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