Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 51-55 (May1-5)

DAY 51--

They started feeding Martin today!! They're giving him 8mLs every 3 hours, just to work him back up to where he was at before. We're so glad, because he's been NPO for 10 days now. NOT fun. As you can see in the picture, he's a little puffy.

His O2 percentage was a little higher than normal today as well. Hopefully his needs don't continue to go up, I want to start breastfeeding him! When he's on the high flow, they don't like to let them start breast-feeding, because it's hard for them to breathe.

They also gave him a picc line. They can last practically forever and he's now getting his fluids through that. I walked in on them trying to get it yesterday, but his veins are just too small right now, they couldn't get it in his arm. Instead they put it in his neck. :( But at least its better than getting a new IV every day, or sometimes even twice a day. Less pokes.

DAY 52
This is one of Matt's favorite pictures. *sigh* I know, boys are weird. You can kind of see the picc line in his shoulder there. and he is super puffy today!! He's probably retaining some fluid

His O2 is back up to 1 1/2 L, and the percentage is high. It's so hard to see that, because we were hoping to get him weaned off the O2, and he's going the opposite direction.

They upped his feedings to 15mL every 3 hours, and he's taking it really well! He's probably just so grateful that he's being fed again! I would be. Matt's parents were also able to come up for a little while. I feel a little bad, but we're not letting ANYONE touch him, we don't want to risk him getting anything. I know it's hard, especially for grandma, but they're so understanding of his delicate situation!

I love this picture. He looks so big!! Completely different from the first time I held him. He's such a snuggler too. I love it!

While I was in the other room pumping, Matt helped the night nurse change Martin's bed and his clothes. They do it every night. Some parents actually bring in clothes for their baby to wear, but after losing his hat, I'm not risking it. He can wear the clothes the hospital provides. :)

DAY 53--
Wow, another busy day. Some days there's nothing new, other days it's a TON!! Martin is back in an open crib, and out of the warming bed. It's a sign we're moving forward in the right direction.

His still on 15mL feeds, and at one point, he had some blood come back up when they were checking the residual. (you can see it in the tube above his head in that picture). That freaked me out, but they're worried, they think it's just old blood.

He's back on the high flow O2, and they started an inhaled steroid to see if that will help his lungs out. The poor guy just can't get his needs down. We're fully planning on having to come home with oxygen, which scares me.

They also had to give him a transfusion. They ran a blood test, and with all the blood they have taken to run all the tests they have to run, turns out his red blood cell count is really low. And then we learned that the red blood cells are the ones that carry the oxygen!! so if he doesn't have enough of them, then his body can't transport enough oxygen. So they stuck an IV in his foot, and gave him the transfusion.

They also changed the visitation rules! We can bring Katryn in to say hi, for 15 minutes, twice a week. We're very excited about that!

DAY 54--
You can see how Martin is a lot more red after the transfusion. They upped his feeding again, to 25mL, and they started him on prilosec. He was on some sort of medicine that helped coat his stomach, and after they stopped that he started having some reflux. The doctors think he probably did get a small stomach ulcer when they stopped the medicine, and are hoping the prilosec helps.

They also started sodium again, since his levels were low (again).

DAY 55--
Today is our 4 year anniversary! Martin had an eye exam today, and everything looked great! He doesn't need to see an eye doctor for another 6 months. We're so glad about that. A lot of preemies have ROP, where the blood vessels in the eyes are fully developed. And then if they're on high flow O2, the problems can increase and they can go blind.

We're also especially glad about the positive eye exam, because Martin is back on 3L high flow O2. Just keep going up and up.

One of the Occupational Therapists came and visited with us for a while. She taught us how to get Martin to open his mouth wide with the pacifier. This way, when I can start breast-feeding he'll be able to latch on good, since he knows to open his mouth wide. She put a little bit of milk on the paci and on a swab to tempt him. After tasting it on the paci, we went after the swab like crazy! I think he'll get the hang of breast-feeding fast, which means he might come home soon!!

She also taught us some exercises to help with his bone density. It also helps foster the idea that there is good touch, and hopefully teach him that just because someone is touching him, he doesn't need to go into panic mode. He's a very sensitive baby, and doesn't like being moved or bothered.



Kyla insists that its her baby Martin. Sometimes the only way she wil take a bite of something is if she calls it a baby Martin bite. The other day she was saying that baby Martin was in her tummy. She didnt believe that it wasnt true. She has quite the fasination with that cutie pie.

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