Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 56-60

DAY 56--

Martin's feeds are still being upped, and he's now up to 36mLs every three hours! It's still fortified, to help him gain weight. He's also 4lbs 15oz. He's gained 2lbs since he was born, which is awesome.

he's still on the high flow O2, 3 liters. The doctors decided to start some diuretics to see if that will help clear out any fluid in his lungs, which will hopefully help him breathe easier, and get him weaned off such a large amount of oxygen.

Aunt Natalie came and visited us today, which was nice. She's in nursing school right now, and so she understands everything going on so well!

DAY 57--
They stopped the fortifier in Martin's milk today, and explained that they think it's the culprit behind Martin's digestive problems.

It's made from cow's milk. DUH!!! Of course it's giving him problems!! Katryn had problems with dairy products. She still can't drink straight cows milk. When the fortifier is described as "Human Milk Fortifier" I think it's fortifier made from human milk. Not fortifier made from cows milk for human milk. Boo!! But now hopefully he'll get better.

Another Occupational Therapist came and taught us the bone density workouts for Martin's arms. He seems to enjoy them, which is good. With all the negative touch that occurs in a hospital, the positive touch is wonderful for them.

The Doctors decided to stop the inhaled steroid they were giving for his lungs, and switch it back to the oral steroid. He also lost about 5oz from the diuretics they started yesterday. And he was so close to 5lbs!! He's also still on the 3L high flow.

My mom came by today also and visited. It's great to have such support from our family members as we're struggling in this situation.

DAY 58--

We got to practice breast-feeding today!! Yay!! They have me pump before hand, and it's basically just to teach him to be comfortable and how to latch. After a few tries Martin latched right on! it was awesome, and for the first time, I felt like there was a light at the end of this tunnel.

He's still on 3liters high flow oxygen, but the percentage he needs is getting lower. Right now, he needs about 35-40%. He's also on 4 medications right now: dexa-something, for his lungs, prilosec for his stomach, sodium and potassium because his levels are low.

DAY 50--

Happy Mothers Day! Matt and I went up to see Martin today, and we both got to have a little bit of snuggle time. Always wonderful!! We did some non-nutritive breast-feeding again, and Martin did so great, it was awesome!

The Parent-To-Parent group there, also gave out little mother day gifts to all the moms. It's hard on mothers day, so not spend the day with your kids, to leave one of them at the grandparents, while you go to the hospital and see another one. The Parent-to-Parent group is so understanding, because they have all been there before!!

Somebody donated cards to the NICU as well, mother's day cards for the moms. It's so thoughtful of people.

DAY 60--

What a great day today. Martin's O2 percentage was lower, although he's still on the 3L. They think that the dex steroid is working, so they upped it a little bit.

We also did survivor beads. Martin's necklace is getting so long! And the best part of the day. . . . .

Katryn got to come say hi to Martin. She honestly didn't care that much. Pointed to him, "Baby Martin!" and then squirmed around to get out of dad's arms and explore the room. Which isn't a good thing, when there's so much trouble she could cause. So it was a short visit. But it was nice to show her that Martin is real.



I love that second picture of him. His eyes look so alert. Good luck!

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