Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 61-65

DAY 61--

We started Martin's vaccinations today. That was a hard choice for us, we had wanted to wait until he was older, and even more so after he was born premature. But in the end, with the condition of his lungs, the benefits outweighed the risks.

I also got a chance to breastfeed Martin today. Still the non-nutritive, but hopefully we can get to the real stuff soon!

DAY 62--

Martin is TWO months old today!! And he got a new crib toy. Actually, it's not new, but they think he's old enough to be entertained by it, especially since he's now awake for longer periods of time. He got he second vax today. That was the compromise I made with the doctors. Only one vax a day.

We had an actual breastfeeding session, and he took 7 1/2 ML!! I'm so proud of our little boy!! He's such a hard worker. He has so much to do, and he's so small. He has to work so hard to breathe, and suck, and swallow. It's very hard.

They were able to wean him down to 2 1/2 L O2, so he's slowly getting better with his oxygen. And he weighs 2260 grams, which is the equivalent of: 4.982373lbs. :) he's gained 2lbs since birth!!

DAY 63--

Martin got his 3rd and final vax today, and he tolerated them all very well. Which is good. That's one of the reasons they spaced them out (as much as the doctors would let us) was to make sure he didn't have any adverse reactions to them.

He was able to take 7.4ML when I fed him today. I can finally see the light at the end of this tunnel!! it's wonderful!! He's on 2 L O2, and doing quite well with that. The doctors also started him on a second diuretic, since it seems to be helping his lungs out. As long as SOMETHING works. The poor kid's lungs just need to be healed.

DAY 64--

I love those big eyes. They remind me so much of Katryn's eyes. And his eye lashes are long as well. Martin is still on 2L of O2, which is pretty good. Still has a ways to go, but he's getting there.

We had 2 breast-feeding attempts, and they taught me how to use the breast-feeding scale. it's a very sensitive scale, and can calculate how many ML's the baby takes through a before and after weight. At the first one he took 8MLs, and the second one he took 12!! it's awesome!! that's about 25% of a feeding!! The increased his calories with the fortifier. That really freaks me out, so I would LOVE to be able to have Martin get all his food from me, just in case he reacts to this as well.

DAY 65--

Martin is on 1L of O2!! AND it's the low flow. No more fat tube for us!! The nurse said that when he was awake for a while she put him in a swing and he seemed to like that. My boy is getting so big!

He lost some weight from the diuretics. He was so close to 5lbs!! and now he's about 4lbs 10oz. And I was able to breastfeed again. he took 8ML, which is still good. He's pretty consistent with the amount he's taking, which is good.

They increased his calorie intake from 26 to 30!! I'm freaking out a little bit about that, and I'm worried he's going to have a problem again. He's so sensitive.

While I was there today, Martin's oxygen level dropped too low, he was unhappy about something, and the nurse had to do a 'blow-by'. That was frightening. They basically have to put an oxygen bag over him that has air just blowing out of it, to help him get some air back in lungs as he recovers from his 'episode'. But he recovered, it just took a lot longer than they like.


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