Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 71-75 (May 21-25)

DAY 71--

The first time Martin was transported from the NICU to Primary's, I was too tramatized to take any pictures. It was VERY difficult for me. This time, it wasn't too bad. The pumped contrast fluid down the tube in his mouth, filled his stomach with it, and pumped it down into his intestines. The entire time they were taking xrays and watching to make sure everything looked good. They were able to get it all the way into his colon!!

Everything looked good, nothing obstructing, and no holes. Once again, Martin has proved a mystery. They can't find a reason why his stomach gets distended and he has problems.

He did great during everything. Much better than last time. The restarted his feeds today, at 17 ML, which he was thrilled to have! and he's on 2L high flow O2. He gets stressed out in these situations and his O2 level always goes up.

DAY 72--
They were back up to full feeds today! The moved FAST this time. And he was able to get his IV out since they've stopped everything.

He did end up on 3L high flow O2, which I was afraid would happen. It becomes a cycle: his O2 goes down, we're able to breastfeed for a few days, he gets some sort of problem so they stop his feeds, his O2 goes too high and he can't breastfeed. Then we work on getting it back down so he can feed and something else comes up. It's hard, and stupid rollercoaster.

DAY 73--

Good grief, they started so many things on Martin today! They decided to start the diuretics again, because they seemed to help his lungs previously. His O2 level has been at 3L on the high flow, and the percentage is higher than normal. In case I haven't explained it before, the percentage is how much O2 is coming through the nasal cannula. He's usually around 40%. That means, he's getting 60% of his oxygen from the room air that all of us breathe, and 40% of a mix of room air and oxygen.

The NNP thinks he's working to hard to breathe. He retracts when he breathes and you can clearly see it pulling between his ribs. I don't know if he's working hard or not. Although I hold him every day, I'm not trained to notice things like that. It seems normal to me.

The also increased his sodium. . .again. And they started a multivitamin. They're keeping the feeding tube in his mouth to help vent his tummy. Because air is being forced into him, some of it is bound to get into his stomach. Since he basically just lays there (unless I'm there holding him) the air in his stomach can cause reflux and such.

Tomorrow they plan to check his thyroid levels and his iron. The doctors think that perhaps he's having problems metabolizing everything. It would be nice to know what's going on, and have something we can hold on to, and fix.

DAY 74--
Holy snow in MAY!!! I almost didn't make it to the hospital today because there was about 1/2 foot of snow outside and my car does NOT do good in the snow. We did Survivor Beads today, and Rachel (the march of dimes rep) gave us a snowflake bead because of all the snow outside.

THey turned Martin's oxygen down to 2 1/2L. It's a test run, to see how he does. If he stays below 45% then they'll keep him there, if he gets above that, he'll be turned back to 3L.

I was able to do some skin-to-skin with him today, which is nice. It's harder to do it now, because he's usually dressed and he's such a sensitive baby. Every little thing makes him upset. But since they want to watch his breathing to make sure he's not working too hard, he's naked.

DAY 75--
They put me on the dairy-free diet today. I had to do this same thing with Katryn so luckily I already know what to look for, and where to shop. Although I felt like an idiot when they suggested it to me. I don't know what I didn't think of that!! When Martin had problems with the first supplement and they suggested dairy, it made perfect sense to me, since Katryn had problems with dairy. But I didn't even think to cut it out of my diet then!! ARG!!

Oh well, live and learn. Hopefully this works out for him.

He's also learning out to pull his OG (oral gavage--the feeding tube) out of his mouth. He uses his tongue to move it a little bit, then he can get his fingers around it in his mouth and just pulls it out!! Tricky boy.

They also started the calories again. He's been on plain breastmilk for a few days, which is 20calories. Now they're upping it to 22cal. Hopefully this doesn't effect him. I'm a little nervous about everything they do. It will be so nice to have him home and just breastfeed him!



I'm sorry little Martin is having such problems. Yes, it cetainly is a rollercoaster ride with a baby in the NICU. But I have to say, he doesn't look any worse for wear - what a cutie pie!!! I hope to be reading better news soon, along with plans for going home.

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