Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 91-95 (June 10-14)

DAY 91--

Martin was so cranky today!! Wow! During the night, the NNP ordered a xray of his belly to make sure it wasn't distended (again) and also a full body xray to look for fractures! Because he seemed to be in so much pain, they didn't know what else to do!

Everything looked normal though, thank heavens. The weaned his O2 down to 4L today, and he's sitting at around 30%, which is pretty good.

And I had to post this picture, because sometimes this is just how it feels in the NICU--like a prison. Today was one of those days, since he was just having a hard day.

DAY 92--

The NNP thinks it's colic, and that explains away Martin's crankiness. I think colic is a load of crap, personally. I don't think babies cry, just to cry. So they started an anti-anxiety med, to help keep him calm. If he gets too worked up, he can't breathe, and ends up desaturating, so they have to give him more oxygen.

They also started a med--mylicon--to help with the gas. Perhaps that's why he's been so fussy lately. We're following the mantra: "Let sleeping babies lie". If he's sleeping when it's time for his cares (every 3 hours) we were NOT waking him up.

The weaned his O2 down to 3 1/2L, and he's been around 30%, which is awesome. The nurse also took his foot-prints and put them on the little souvenir birth certificate. They definitely are a lot bigger than they were when he was born, but no one else had done it for us! I'm glad she thought of it.

And now Martin weighs 2920grams--6lbs7oz!!

DAY 93--

This is what's keeping Martin calm right now. He practically lives in the swing lately. But it keeps him calm, and that's really all that matters right now.

The nurse has been keeping a heating pad on his tummy, and that seems to help. Hoepefully the mylicon kicks in soon. But the adivan (anti-anxiety med) has really been helping him to sleep! They have also stopped most of his meds right now, until they check his electrolytes in a few days.

They bumped his O2 down to 3L, and he's doing good on that. And he's 3 months old today!! Good grief, we've been here a while! We took Katryn to the NICU carnival reunion, and she had a blast there!! I can't wait until next year, when Martin is old enough to go!

I called after shift change, and talked to the night nurse. She mentioned that she felt a hernia, and a hydrocele in his testicle. So I googled that, and it's soo not good! Basically, his testicle has twisted and is cutting off circulation. They're keeping a close eye on it, and making sure it doesn't change colors, or start dying. Then we have to have emergency surgery, so he doesn't lose it.

It freaked me out. Really freaked me out. If it's not one thing, it's another with this boy! It was heartbreaking, I could hear him crying in the background while I was talking on the phone with the nurse; he was just inconsolable. They gave him a bath and some Tylenol, to try to calm him down.

DAY 94--

Martin has been sleeping good, which I'm so grateful for. Something they have been working on seems to be helping!

They changed his O2 to 2 1/2L, and might try 2L in the afternoon, if he does good on the 2 1/2L. it worries me when they do too much at once, because he needs things to go slow.

They did change to diaper counts, instead of having his diaper weighed every change, and they only need to check his vitals every 6 hours now! Woohoo! bring on the cloth diapers!!

DAY 95--

Here's Martin in his first cloth diaper. It's specially made for preemies, and he seems to like it. I don't blame him. I'd rather have something soft on me too!

It was a busy day today. They moved his OG feeding tube to an NG (nasal instead of oral) and we started breatfeeding again!! woohoo!! at noon, he took 10mls, 3pm he took 10mls and then he went NPO. Of course. It seems to never fail every time we start breastfeeding that something like this happens.

They had the urologist come and do an ultrasound on his testicle, and check to make sure there was enough circulation going to it so he doesn't loose it. It there wasn't enough, they were goig to take him in for emergency surgery. There is, but barely enough. so they're just keeping a close eye on it, make sure it stays 'happy' and she put it, and not get 'angry'. I had to laugh though, and the human characteristics given to his testicle.

so the NPO only lasted about 3hours, and at 6pm, I breastfed him again and he took 20mls!! I was so thrilled!! And it was on the side that doesn't produce as much milk. I wanted to take a picture of the scale.

My sister AnnaJune came and visited with us for a while, and came it our survivor beads activity. It was nice, since we haven't had very many family members come visit Martin.

I also brought his own clothes today, because he's too big for the preemie stuff. I remember when the preemie clothes used to be huge on him!! It's amazing how much he's grown.


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