Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 111-115 (June 30-July 4)

DAY 111---
Martin is still really, really sleepy. Not as bad, since they adjusted the medication, but look at those eyes! He's so tired. We worked on getting him 'readjusted' with the breast shield. It didn't work every well. He just can't breathe very well. Hopefully these meds will help getting his breathing under control, and we can finally focus on breathing. I want to be one of those moms that just has a 'feeder-grower' baby in the NICU.

They increased his feeding a little bit, to 51mls. And they're talking about increasing one of his neubulizer treatments to a couple times a day. This treatment dilates his lung tissue, so it can help him breathe. Hopefully if he gets that treatment before he eats every day, it can help him nurse better.

And Sarah brought me some vanilla extract that she MADE herself. I'm so excited to try it out!!

DAY 112--
Martin's feeds were increased again today--he's now at 52mls. They move slow with his feeds, because they want to keep him fluid-restricted. He's also just 2 grams shy of 7lbs 14oz! That's awesome! Almost 8lbs, I can't believe that a few months ago, I had a little 2lber. He's also now the 2nd oldest baby in the unit. Not really a goal we're striving to hit. . .

his oxygen is sitting steady at 3 1/2L at about 40%. Hopefully soon we can start getting him weaned back down. I've been working with the paci and milk with him. Sometimes he's good with it, other times (like today) he spits up. We also have to swab his mouth after his neublizer treatments and that causes him to gag and puke. The poor kid.

DAY 113--

They started his albeteral neublizer treatments every 6 hours now. That's the one that opens his lungs up. His oxygen was down to 3L today, so I think these medications are working!

Sarah came and worked with us again. She taught me some exercises that can help open up Martin's lungs. Things like trunk rotation, stretching his arms and shoulders down, and kind of pulling/stretching his rib cage down. Things just seem to be pushed up higher than they should be, so we're going to work on that.

And I love this outfit on him. It's probably the only time he'll get to wear it, since it's a preemie outfit, and those don't really fit him any more. If you could see the back of it, it has a large 'X' on a back-pocket. I love it!

We played with the rings and some other toys. He's starting to get the tracking down pretty good, which is awesome. We're also going to work on some positive oral stimulation, with the rings, and kisses, and other things that aren't invading his mouth.

DAY 114--

We had some awake time today!! it was awesome, Martin was up and happy for about 2 hours, and then he CRASHED. I can't blame him, it's a lot of work when you can't breathe. We played together for a little while, working on bringing his hands to his mouth. I thought, if he can feel his mouth on his hand, and his hand in his mouth, he might correlate that this is ok, and not freak out when things are near his mouth.

We tried breast-feeding a little bit, and he took a few mls, but not very much. But he did SOMETHING which is better than nothing. He seems more comfortable lately, and not breathing so hard. Something is working, I just wish I knew which one is was.

They stopped his mylicon for his gas. Hopefully he handles that ok, and we don't have problems. He also now weighs 8lbs and 1/3oz. We broke 8lbs!! woohoo!

DAY 115--
Happy 4th of July! Martin is celebrating in style, with a flag shirt. There was a lot of 'talk' about the future plans today. They talked about a gtube, which I still don't want, but honestly, Martin's feeding problems are going to be long term. As long as he can't breathe very well, he can't eat orally very well. A surgeon from Primary's is going to come talk to me, and discuss it all with me before we make a final decision.

They also talked about decreasing his calories. He's been gaining a lot of weight lately, more than they would like. That would be awesome! He's on 30cal right now, so they might drop him to 27cal.

We also noticed that Martin has a higher residual (leftovers) in his tummy after he gets his Singular med. I wonder if it's just harder for him to digest. Very interesting. . .


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