Sunday, May 22, 2011

Making Martin's Food

My grandparents recently gifted us with an AMAZING gift.  A Blendtec blender.  The kings of blenders!!  (although some might say the VitaMix is the king) Want to watch it blend up glow sticks?  yeah, that was pretty cool to watch.

Ever since we started the blenderized food diet for Martin, everyone has been so supportive.  It was a choice we didn't make lightly, we put a lot of thought and research into this concept.  We started slow, with baby food mixed with milk.  Then we added baby cereals to the mix, and then oils.  Then I borrowed my brothers magic bullet, and I actually blended up cooked pasta, tuna, fruits!!  It was amazing, and so much fun.  Who would have thought I'd actually care how many calories things have??  Not me!

So I start out by deciding what Martin needs that day.  I usually base that off what he had yesterday--fruits/veggies, protiens, etc.  I like to vary it up.  If he had a mix with fruits yesterday, then I'll make a mix with veggies.  I'm trying to get back into the habit of making 2 mixes--a fruit mix, and veggies mix, that will last over two days.  Then he gets 2 meals of fruits, and 2 meals of veggies usually. 

Once I decide what he's getting, I count the calories.  If they're low, I sometimes alter what he's getting, picking another veggie that has a high calorie count.  He needs at least 1000calories a day, otherwise he just doesn't gain weight.  But he needs it to be low volume so he'll keep it down!!  That's the hard part.

Here's today's recipe
1 avocado--350calories
1 pear--95calories
3oz of tofu--70calories
1 cup cheerios--150calories
1 cup milk--150calories
3tsp milk fortifier--70calories
2Tbsp oil--240calories
probiotic powder

The total calories came to be  1125, which is awesome!  Maybe Martin can get some chub. 

Threw everything in the blender, and turned it on!!  It runs for about 1 minute or less usually, and then I pulse it a few times, to make sure everything's blended up good.  It usually is fine.

Transfer it to another container.  Yay nalgene!  I usually use a mason jar, but I didn't have any clean ones!  This mix made about 26oz, which is more than martin can handle usually, so we'll end up adding the leftovers to his nighttime milk. 

Then I add hot water, and a bit of soap.  Run the blender again, and it's clean and ready for the next item!

And that's how I make Martin's food.  Thank you grandma and grandpa!!  I already love this blender, and it's on the "if the house catches on fire, I'll grab. . ." list :)


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