Friday, August 5, 2011

Martin Update

I've been neglecting blogs lately.  All of them!  It's too hot to focus on writing things.  That's the excuse I'm going for. :)

However, in talking with my sister the other day, she mentioned her sisters-in-law asked why I haven't updated Martin's blog in a while.  I felt guilty, and reminded that people DO read my blogs.

It's official folks, we're O2-free!!  We turned everything back to the provider earlier in the week.  And he's doing awesome!

We've gotten a few other internal problems sorted out as well, which makes for a HAPPY Martin.  Which is way better than the "I haven't pooped in days and it hurts!" Martin, which we saw much too often.

We're now ready for the trip out to see Grandma Llewellyn, only a year later.  Everyone but me and Martin got to go last September, and see all the cool sites--like the Statue of Liberty.

These two have been getting along wonderfully!  Only Martin is starting to get a bit mobile. . .not crawling or scooting (he's starting to get that one figured out) but he spins around on his bum, and can almost (purposefully) move in directions besides a circle.  Tryn's in trouble when that happens, because Martin is a true brother already--taking everything that is 'hers'.

Martin's working on TWO molars right now.  He's got a LOT of teeth, which is great!  8 in the front--the top 4, and bottom 4, and two molars on his right side.  Now we're anxiously awaiting the other two to come in, because he's NOT liking this process (and it's wearing down mom as well!)

And here he is today!  You can't see it, but he's sitting in a PILE of toys.  He's a grab and toss boy.  Picks up a toy with 1 hand, shakes it (sometimes) passes it to the other hands, and tosses it over his shoulder.  If I keep a bucket on each side of him, he'll put it in the bucket, which helps the mess.  Then he'll pick up the bucket and dump it.

Yeah, he's a boy. :)