Friday, February 17, 2012

RSV strikes Martin

We spent Feb 4th-11th hospitalized with RSV and pneumonia.  Dang, it sucked!!  That RSV is NO JOKE people.  Be careful with your little ones.

We didn't qualify for the synagis RSV shot this year, since Martin's been off of O2 since June.  I wonder if it would have made a difference if we HAD received the shot.  However, this was our 1st real sickness this season, so we've been pretty lucky!

The first few days were pretty rough.  He had been tired and lethargic at home, and starting coughing the day before we went in.  They had him on 6L O2 in the ER.  SIX people!!!  That's a LOT of flow.  And his retractions were HORRIBLE.  Now, he always retracts when he breathes, you can see his skin kind of being sucked in through his ribs when he breathes.  That's just how he is.

Anyway, we spent a few days laying on the bed, just cuddling because Martin had NO energy.  They had him hooked up to an IV and the standard monitors, and we fed him through his tube like normal.

 After a few days, he started to get some energy back.  Just a little bit though, still didn't want to do much except for cuddle and play on dads computer. And the raging fever!  For about 4 days (at LEAST that long) he had to get Tylenol every 4 hours to drop it below 100degs.

Since RSV can be fairly contagious, every time a nurse, resp. therapist, Dr, or whoever came into the room, they were decked out in a disposable gown, mask, and gloves.  Every time Martin saw those yellow masks, he would just start crying, knowing something he wouldn't like was going to happen.  Poor kid, that dang suction machine was NOT his friend (as necessary as it was!)

The high flow helped--only 4L though.  Still more than when he was in the NICU, but really.  I thought we were done with that dang machine!  That's about when I started to get worried, because Martin is a bit of an O2 junkie. . .

Thankfully though, he hit that corner and started getting better fairly quick.  And weaning him off the O2 happened quick too!  Within 24 hours, he went from 4L high flow, to 1/2L regular flow.  It was AMAZING.  And we came home on 1/4L and had him weaned off completely in 2 days!  I couldn't believe it.

And even better, he didn't loose his desire to eat!  (what little there is!)

For now though, we're shutting him away for the season, and letting his system recover and build up a little bit more.  RSV is just hitting here, since the season has been so mild and I do NOT want to end up in the hospital again!