Saturday, December 8, 2012

a boy and his toys

He's totally all boy.  Couldn't wait to have his turn with his Uncle's new nerf gun.  Never mind that he can't pull the trigger, he just needed to try it himself!

This right here is Martin's Superhero (the green lantern, but he's just called Superhero around here).  I caught him singing him a bedtime song, covering him with a blanket, giving him kisses, and saying "I love you".  He kept doing it all day, and I loved it.

I caught him the other day with this little magna-doodle (which the kids usually fight over).  He found a wonderfully comfortable spot on my wheat bucket in the kitchen and just settled himself in there to color.  The kid loves to color!  It's such a difference from his older sister, who doesn't really care about coloring.  quick scribble and she's done.  But Martin, will color for a while.  And he doesn't like to be given pictures to color, he turns the paper over and colors his own picture.

And on the feeding front....

It's been about 2 months since we've used the tube.  And he's gaining weight.  This is HUGE.  This means we will soon be done with the tube.  We're going to wait and see how winter treats us, and how he gets if he gets sick this winter.  If the tube needs to be used or not.  That will be the deal breaker, but until then...We're pretty much tube free!!!